For Sale: Iberian Clavichord.

Early 18th century, restored to playing condition.
C ' f"', Fretted c ' f "' all e's and b's unfretted in Iberian tradition.
Twined strings on lower courses. Lime keylevers with naturals of yew and
sharps of stained fruitwood. Pine case with spruce soundboard. Fitted with
new lid and keywell front board. Report complete with all parts replaced
during restoration. Also CD of photographs taken as work progressed.
The clavichord has been inspected by a prominent and internationally respected
London clavichord maker and valued at £10,000. Offers invited.

Tel. 01304 362510 for enquiries
or email:

Iberian Clavichord front view Iberian Clavichord end view Iberian Clavichord end view Iberian Clavichord top view Iberian Clavichord close up of restored keys