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Johan Bohak After Johann Bohak, Vienna 1794. Royal College of Music, London. RCM 177. Only one clavichord is known by this maker however two square pianos by him are extant. The instrument, said to have once been the property of Joseph Haydn, is unusual in that although having a full five octave compass has an overall length of only 1458mm. This is about 300mm shorter than an average five octave instrument. The case is fine but robustly made and has the unique feature of an original laminated soundboard made from two thin layers of veneer.
Specification: Compass: FF f ‘’’ unfretted. Overwound strings in the bass. Dimensions: Approximate excluding lid & base mouldings: Length: 1458mm, Width: 475mm, Depth: 165mm. Weight: Approx. 43Kg.
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