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Flemish Harpsichord:
Petit ravalement instrument based on the 1645 Ioannes Couchet in the Russell Collection Edinburgh CC - c"', 1 x 8, 1 x 4, a' = 415Hz. Ebony naturals with bone topped sharps. Dark blue with gold bands. Decorated soundboard.
Guide price from Price £6400

French Harpsichord:
Early French style instrument based on an original c1680 harpsichord by Anton Lefebvre of Paris. Compass GG/AA - c"'. 2 x 8 , a' = 415Hz. Decorated soundboard. Ebony naturals with bone topped sharps. Dark green with gold bands.
Guide price from Price £6850

Italian Harpsichord:
Early 16th century harpsichord based on the anonymous Neapolitan instrument in the Boston Museum of Fine Art:
C/E - c"', 1 x 8, 1 x- 4, a' = 415Hz. Boxwood naturals with ebony topped sharps. Dark green. Outer case made to order.
Guide price from Price £5800

After Christian Gottlob Hubert 1784, Russell Collection Edinburgh. Compass CC-f"':
Guide price from £3600.

After Johann Bohak, Vienna 1794,
fret-free, Royal College of Music No.177 Compass FF - f"'.

This list is intended as a guide only and many variations are possible regarding compass and disposition. Decorative schemes including painted and polished finishes with more elaborate stands and casework can also be made to customers personal preferences. Each instrument is supplied complete with trestle stand, music desk and tuning hammer.

Terms: 20% deposit with order, balance on completion and before delivery.
Delivery can be arranged at cost.

VAT not applicable